Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Accidents

Hi there! I have really only become familiar with blogs this year after taking up card making in the latter part of last year. I have been enjoying the creations I have viewed and am often in awe of what talent exists! I am learning that unless you have an amazing natural gift, it is practise along with trial and error through which betterment comes. Oh - and perhaps some occasional frustration when things don't turn out perfectly! On that note, I think the best advice I have read is 'there is never a mistake in card making'. So happy accidents will be my thing!

Having said that, please excuse the little smudges and the not-so perfect embossing on this card! I made 'Home Tweet Home' for a friend and her husband and their two little ones after her hubby's three months working interstate. I was eager to use these newly released stamps and am very happy with them. I have also entered this card into the first ever challenge held by Scrapbook Boutique. A first for me too! The challenge involves a card to be made with the colours blue and yellow. I have used copic markers to colour the birds, distress ink for the background, patterned paper for the leaves and I stamped on the base of the card. I love my nesties and don't think I will ever have as many as I want!

2010 has not been a kind year to me and my family, for reasons I will not go into right now, but discovering the joys of creating something to give to others is giving me therapeutic benefits of a sort. Without it, I would not have something to focus on to help me through these trying times. I have much to learn - about card making, blogging and life, so bear with me as I muddle on through! I'd love to hear from you! :)

May your day be filled with inspiration,



  1. Love the bright colours you have used and the nest looks great.

  2. I think your card is great! I am only new to this as well and what you say about practice is soo right! I too have learnt so much since starting my blog and has given me many hours of enjoyment.

  3. Hi Trexxie, I love your card!! The blue and yellow is so striking and I love the layout. I too have been going through some 'stuff' and I agree with you about the therapeutic benefits of card making. God Bless you and I pray that you and I both come out of our situations stronger and in peace.

  4. This card is so sweet! I love your bird nest! Gorgeous colors!

    Sending lots of love during your difficult times.


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